Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lengths For Love Book Review

Title: Lengths For Love
Author: CS Patra
Genre: Supernatural Romance/YA fiction
Publisher: Pendium Publishing (March 21, 2013)

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People say they will do just about anything for love. Some might go far enough to try and find the impossible. Some will stop at no lengths for the one they love. When Ian Choi’s girlfriend gives him the most difficult task…find her someone, a vampire, to turn her immortal…he is faced with a choice he never imagined he’d have to make. And little does he know just what could happen while he’s trying to make her wish come true.


 This books tells you exactly what lengths a person may go to for the sake of love. I am not a big fan of vampire stories – at least I don’t really like reading them but this book was a good read. I like the fact that the main protagonist Ian managed to pander to every whim of Alexis’ in spite of the difficulties on the way.

Well written with a good plot, this is definitely one for every vampire fan.

Author Bio:
CS Patra has been writing for a long time and has been doing it since she was young. This is her latest book but certainly not going to be her last. Her next book is currently in the works. In addition to writing, she is also fond of painting and making jewelry. She currently lives in North Carolina with her family. You can check her out on

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